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Hi all, I’m back to give updates on my life in film, comics, writing and pop culture.




img_3463For starters my movie KILLJOY PSYCHO CIRCUS from the classic film studio FULL MOON FEATURES debuted on The El Rey network this last week; so that was rad as hell seeing my big fat head on the boob tube. It’s available on right now and I was on The Adam Carolla show recently promoting the appearance.




I got invited to a screening of the RUSSIAN superhero film “Guardians” which as I understand it is kind of like the MARVEL Avengers films but from Russia. Here are some clips, I’ll give a full write-up after I see it this week.


Teaser Trailer:


Khan Fight:

Ler Fight:



img_3666So I did it. I threw caution to the wind and burned a hole in my retinas by watching the notorious “CHRISTMAS with COOKIE” which is like the unholy child of THANKSKILLING and THE GRINCH with dashes of PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE. Holy gawd.. what to say what to say?! Lets start with the basics.


Here is a link to the trailer and a music video to give you an idea of what the film is about. Official Trailer:

Cookie’s Rap Music Video:


This Christmas Sci-fi Comedy was a passion project for everyone involved. It had the budget of only $1,000 and was written, shot and edited in less than 8 months. Everyone volunteered their time because we are all friends and just wanted to make something fun and special.


The film synopsis runs like this: In the year 3978 global warming has made a desert of the North Pole. Santa & Mrs. Claus battle angry skeletons that didn’t get what they wanted for Christmas. Evil aliens try to take over the world and a giant abominable snowman wants Santa for his next meal. This sci-fi Christmas comedy is narrated by an over the top, funny and rude elf named Cookie.


I did watch it, so I share with you the GOOD NEWS:


img_3669Cookie played by Alan “Monster” Max is a delight as I figured he would be, Alan has been a legit creature FX character actor for as long as I’ve known him and he has only grown in skill with each new project. Cookie offers shades of Freddy Krueger and what a killer smirk and voice. I’d love to see more with him..


Opening Titles are a huge plus and the sign of a clever filmmaker, even on the cheap as that’s what separates a commercial piece from crap. This is not crap. Thought went into it and it shows.


Now for the BAD NEWS:


img_3608Money isn’t always an excuse for poor graphics and some of the VFX looks like bad video game outtakes and I don’t think it adds anything to the story by having this Mario Paint style crud in there, boo. Boo I say.


Plot problems sorry guys and gals but I couldn’t follow the plot and if you didn’t tell me Cookie was an Elf in the synopsis I’m not sure I’d even know that. I’d have appreciated you spelling a few more things out in simple language instead of assuming I’d get it.. because I didn’t. Case-in-point.. the potion the two siblings take is because why? How did they make it? Why does it kick in whenever it wants? Huh? My brain hurts.. I’m gonna lie down..




img_9065You’ve made a bootleg classic befitting a TROMA or FULL MOON release, that’s not to say anything snarky hell I was just in KILLJOY PSYCHO CIRCUS with (full disclosure) Alan “Cookie” Max playing a part as well. Cheap is fine and necessary in today’s world especially if you embrace it ala Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show Great Job. I think this holiday hellbag deserves a look and you got yourself a career Monster Max!


PS- Special shout out to Breeanna Judy for going above and beyond as she does.


Below are links to the social media accounts in case you’d like to tag them or send people their way.

Instagram: @ChristmasWithCookie

Twitter: @XmasWithCookie


This film is currently available on DVD on Amazon (in time for Christmas) because why wouldn’t you want to spend your very own CHRISTMAS.. with COOKIE!? here:

I guarantee you’ll be smiling by the end credits. I know I was.. and not just because it was finally over. Happy Holidays you miserable fucks.




I recently moderated a panel of highly successful horror writers and here’s the audio if you’d like to check it out:



Video Clips:







First Comics News was recently at Stan Lee’s LA ComicCon and heres some pics of the craziness and fun…



Thought I’d give a nod to the hardest working and most original comic on the scene today:




“Illusive presence with remarkable timing” is how audiences describe the comedic wit and perspective of CRISTIANA. This trailblazing comedian has honed her craft all over the world, growing up as a multilingual third culture kid – an international nomadic mongrel, and she can prove it by performing in any of the five languages she’s most fluent in: Portuguese, French, Spanish, English, or hell, even Snarky. Snarky is her favorite.

The humor and mindset of CristiAna is influenced by standup greats such as Mitch Hedberg, Lenny Bruce, and Steven Wright. When Hollywood came calling she landed leading roles in the films BEAUTY MARKS and REVERSED. Recently CristiAna entertained at The World Famous Comedy Store in Hollywood alongside her idol Anthony Jeselnik.

Sky’s the limit for the orphan tomboy brat with comedic fangs and a bite to match. Kill ‘em with kindness they say- nope CristiAna kills audiences.. but not with kindness.


See you next time,

~Tim Chizmar

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