RICH REVIEWS: Days Missing Volume One

days-missing-1Title: Days Missing Volume One
Publisher: Archaia/Roddenberry
Written by: Phil Hester, David Hine, Ian Edginton & Matz
Art by: Frazer Irving, Chris Burnham, Lee Moder & Hugo Petrus
Colors by: Imaginary Friends Studios, Caravan Studios & Lizzy John
Letters by: Troy Peteri
Logo Design and Original Series Design by: Rian Hughes/Device
Edited by: Rob Levin
Executive Editors: Trevor Roth, Eugene Roddenberry, PJ Bickett & Stephen Christy
Created by: Trevor Roth
Cover Art: Dale Keown, Frazer Irving, Phil Hester, Chris Burnham, Lee Moder & Hugo Petrus
Character Designs by: Dale Keown
Collected Edition Design and Layout by: Scott Newman
Collected Edition Edited by: Paul Morrissey
Price: 19.95 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Comments: Chapter One: Right from the start the story grabs you and draws you in.
In Africa a deadly plague has broken out. There is no cure only containment.
One man fights this plague but he is no ordinary man. He is a doctor of a sort. He does cure things. He can step into a day and help prevent it from being far worse than it could be.
Chapter Two: This chapter has our mysterious man looking in on Mary Shelley and her friends. Her husband Percy and their friend Galton are the main characters here. Galton plys the part of Dr. Victor Frankenstein.
Mary Shelley meets the creation of Galton here. He is a giant, an undead giant. Than our mysterious stranger intervenes and things turn out far differently. Being able to erase a day from time can make a world of difference.
Chapter Three: This mysterious man shows up at events that could change the world. Here the Hedron Super Collider is and its not working.
We learn his name, the Steward. This story is all about love. It does get emotional. Yes here we are shown what matters most.
Chapter Four: The art throughout this book is amazing. The scenes of different places and times will draw you in.
Here we follow Cortez. Cortez was a bold man. The Steward does interfer to make things better.
Chapter Five: Here a new life form threatens the world. Here a lot happens and we also see that the Steward may be behind the scenes with the human race but someone is behind the Steward. Who is he, what does he want? It is a mystery.
The ending of this book contains tons of extras. The pin-ups gorgeous. The Steward is a man who is more than a man. He is mysterious and when he shows up you know some world event is happening.
Days Missing provides a story that has never been done before in this way.

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