TMI with TIM: DRACULA, Blood Before Dawn

14188546_10154570508049673_515690289748189840_oIts ME, Its HIM, its T-I-M,
Hi everybody its your favorite pop-culture guru at it again.I recently took a date to the theater. That in and of itself isn’t a shocking occurrence except to say that what I found by the night’s end was inspiration. I was inspired by The Loft Ensemble on Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks. Here’s why:

I had tickets to see DRACULA: Blood Before Dawn, which as I was told was a re-imagining of the classic and that it certainly was. The mood and music playing throughout kept the audience on edge and floated me away to something ala David Lynch.

14474276_1836507103302952_6532199856222502912_nHigh points going from myself to young LAUREN SPERLING as Lucy who just stole the show for both my date and I, she was all parts adorable, fun, and what a voice! She’ll be a regular hit in the town for sure. Low points for me was the uneven plot of Van Helsing who couldn’t get a grip on if he was to be comedic character or a fearless leader and just ended up being all parts obnoxious. Fight scenes were fair with high points occasionally and I liked the use of space and blocking a great deal. 14441114_10208792902353725_2817626183075290878_nIts worth seeing but above this one show let me stress how important it is to get behind the Loft Ensemble in general as the founding members have their artistic hearts in the right place. We spoke at length about the decline of theaters and how cutting edge shocking and overall immersion is great ways to get people talking again, from what I can see they GET IT and aren’t afraid to push the envelope to get a strong buzz going. They have a strong community and the passion to just grow, the layout is fantastic as is the signage so I’m a fan. A real fan-

Do yourself a favor and check them out.


They offer everything from plays to musicals, spoken word and standup comedy.

Don’t miss out! I’ll see you there!!

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