I always have. NPR, Politics, shock jocks, and all the podcasts. I even had a podcast of my own a million years ago. It was DIANE KAWASAKI and I that produced it and it was called NO PANTS CAST. We talked with LLOYD KAUFMAN, STEVE MAZAN, NIGEL MCGUINNESS, MINDY ROBINSON, VICTORIA DE MARE, ROB VAN DAM, RANDY WANG, etc- I spent some time at various podcast studios in the Las Vegas area and I think I’m ready to kick some booty. I’m putting together the right team, amassing the tech and I’m even converting a space into a podcast studio for this.

What’ll the show be about? – I keep getting asked that, I like NUDISM, COMIC BOOKS, HORROR, and THE WRITING BIZ. I also want to stay away from being too divisive on politics or religion bs. It should be fun, and even a tad inspirational, and I don’t want it too focused on me needing guests.

I want a clever name… how about: THE TIM CHIZMAR SHOW? Catchy right?

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