I met JAMES FRANCO last time I was in Hollywood.

So that’s kinda cool, I was there because I had a callback for a part as a Nazi henchmen in the latest FULL MOON feature, PUPPET MASTER spin-off film: BLADE. In case you were wondering, I tanked the audition but at least I got to hang out with this guy while I was in town. #Hollywood I wasn’t going to ask for a picture but I text fellow FirstComicsNews writer MAT KAUFMAN and told him I was hanging with him.. he told me to take a picture. So I had too.

PS- here’s my face after hanging out with him.

I’m not the biggest fan and I’m with celeb-types all the time so its not a big deal. Here I am with ROB VAN DAM, KATIE FORBES, & BRAD WILLIAMS from the other night. See- I’m a big deal… lol.

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