The Jamie Coville Experience: SDCC – Spotlight on Shannon Wheeler

Spotlight on Shannon Wheeler (54:28, 49.8mb)
Comic Con gave Shannon an inkpot award at the start of the panel. Shannon played 2 minutes of the Too Much Coffee Man Opera. Then Shannon did a reverse timeline of his career, where he started with the work he’s doing now, meeting Stormy Daniels at a strip club and Sh*t My President Says, and going back through time covering God is Disappointed with You, Oil and Water, Gramps Won’t Wake Up, Screw Heaven, When I die I’m going to Mars, The New Yorker and the process of relearning how to do cartoons to get published by them, the Too Much Coffee Man Opera and why he did it, the Too Much Coffee Man comic book and the incentive for stores. He spoke about the “bootleg” t-shirt of TMCM, JAB #3 where they shot a hole through the comic and Children with Glue.

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