The Jamie Coville Experience: SDCC – Splashing Ink of Museum Walls

Splashing Ink of Museum Walls (52:04, 47.6mb)
Moderating the panel was Rob Salkowitz, panelists were: Kim Munson, Ann Nocenti, Adam Smith and Emil Ferris. Emil spoke about how art in museums was a part of her growing up. Kim spoke about the history of comic art in museums, Rob spoke about Robert Crumb being in a show with Rembrandt, Picasso and other traditional echelons of fine artists and why. Ann spoke about meeting Jack Able at Marvel and how art would be blown up and then sold for millions of dollars. Adam spoke about his plans for the new San Diego Comic Con Museum, how they want to be different from other museums dedicated to comic book art. Ann and Adam spoke about ‘ghettoizing’ comic book art and avoiding doing that within the museum. Emil discussed the Familiar Strange, the Wolfman being her favorite monster and what was behind the pentagram on the hand. Multiple people spoke about how taking 1 page out of a story and displaying it in a museum and how the comic art isn’t just art, it can be a historical artifact that people have a real attachment to.

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