The Jamie Coville Experience: SDCC – Len Wein Tribute

Len Wein Tribute (48:19, 44.2mb)
Moderated by Gary Miereanu, panelists were Lynn Latham, Gillian Horvath, Christine Valada, Melinda Snodgrass, Paul Levitz and Charlotte Fullerton. The group talked about their first interaction with Len, working with him, where Len’s creative spirit came from, why he was so positive, his lifelong health issues, Len’s extraordinary memory, The Fan vs. Pro Trivia matches at San Diego, Len’s wish for Wolverine’s healing powers, Len’s odd rules for food and other things, Len’s work being displayed on Big Bang Theory, how Batman saved Len’s life as a kid, Len’s love of Broadway musicals and singing, from the audience Michael Davis told a story about Len helping him out of a very serious situation with his singing. At the end, a woman from the audience read something that Len wrote about Wolverine in an interview with her for Christine.

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