The Jamie Coville Experience: SDCC – Graphic Novels: From Eisner to Explosion!

Graphic Novels: From Eisner to Explosion! (46:41, 42.7mb)
On the panel was Paul Levitz, Richard Burning, Scott McCloud and Emil Ferris. Scott talked about the Graphic Novel terminology and where he saw the graphic novel going after A Contract With God. Emil spoke about how Eisner’s work inspired her. Richard discussed the gap between the self expression of underground work and character expression of superhero work. Paul reminded everyone that A Contract With God was a disguised personal expression as it related to the death of his daughter. Paul also spoke to how Eisner saw the whole page when he drew, something that most artists didn’t do until the publishers replaced the 2x up boards with 1.5 boards. Emil talked about her crazy journey in creating and getting My Favorite Thing is Monsters published. Richard spoke about repackaging comics into graphic novels in the 1980s. They also spoke about the Graphic Novel format (particularly with A Contract With God) having the format fit the work, instead of having to fit the work into the format.

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