The Jamie Coville Experience: SDCC – Comics Arts Conference #6: Two Women and Wonder Woman

Comics Arts Conference #6: Two Women and Wonder Woman (51:56, 47.5mb)
Kathleen McClancy did the introduction and then Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson and Trina Robbins spoke about their issues with Jill Lepore’s book on Wonder Woman. Nicky went through the Greek Mythology influence on Wonder Woman that Jill didn’t mention, she also did this in regards to Amazon warriors. She also spoke of H. G. Peter and how underrated he is towards the success of Wonder Woman. She revealed how much of the family wasn’t that happy with Lepore’s book as Marston and his accomplishments were regularly trashed within it. Trina went through 3 golden age Wonder Woman stories that were both funny and revealing to Wonder Woman’s character. She also spoke about the changes to Wonder Woman over the years. Nicky spoke about the possibility of a good book about Wonder Woman and Marston ever coming out.

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