The Jamie Coville Experience: SDCC 2022 – The Importance of Comic Creator’s Owning their IP

Importance of Comic Creator’s Owning their IP
(50:59, 116mb)
Ron Cacace interviewed a panel consisting of Amanda Connor, Jimmy Palmiotti, Chris Gilberti, Phil Jimenez, Moisés Zamora and Aaron Covington. They creators spoke about why owning their IP is important, holding back characters and stories from Marvel and DC due to poor compensation, Phil Jimenez talked about the title Otherworlds which used to be at DC is now at Zestworld, what Vertical Scrolling comics are how they work on people’s phones, Aaron and Moises talked about adapting comics to the big screen and how difficult it is, Chris explained what Zestworld was and what it would do for creators, Jimmy told everyone to never sign the first basic contract that you receive from a publisher and the importance of working with companies that are transparent, there was also talk about how Hollywood people will change your work to justify their jobs and will also not have the same passion for the work that you have, they also answered questions about copyright and trademarks.

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