The Jamie Coville Experience: SDCC 2022 – The Forgotten Trio: Letters, Colorists and Inkers

The Forgotten Trio: Letters, Colorists and Inkers (50:50, 116mb)
Jessica Tseang moderates a panel with Letterer Dave Lanphear and colorist Beth Sotelo (the inker couldn’t make it). Jessica asked about making comics during Covid, the increase in digital comics due to the shortage of paper and shipping delays, people doing some soul searching and switching to creative careers, clearing up misconceptions about lettering and coloring and explaining their jobs to people, advise they’d give to people wanting to become an letterer or colorist, where they learned how to do what they do, trying to make digital lettering look like hand lettering, the problems you need to work around with lettering, makes that beginners make, the digital tools they use and having to learn new ones, difficulties in coloring superhero comics, what they wish editors would keep in mind, the difference between In Design and Illustrator, coloring from loose or tight pencils and if editors gives them notes about proper balloon placement.

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