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The Masked Avenger

The Dragon’s Grave


Douglas P. Wojtowicz


I just finished reading The Dragon’s Grave, a Masked Avenger’s story. As I was reading the story, I felt like I had read it before. I texted  Alexandre Michaud of Masked Avenger Magazine about the story. He said it was originally published as a 5 or 6-part story in the magazine. Even though I’ve read and owned all the issues, I enjoyed reading the story again and loved the cover by Ian Kirkpatrick. I enjoyed the story a second time. I’ve been a fan of wrestling all my life from a kid on. You never discover what his real name is or what his face looks like under the mask. The Masked Avenger is a full-time wrestler and part-time adventurer.

While in Japan he received a desperate call from an old friend and discovers a deadly conspiracy in the shadow of a legend-haunted volcano. There is non-stop adventure as the Masked Avenger must save the girl, stop the bomb, keep a titan from rampaging and defeat a fanatic ex-wrestler who has battled him to a standstill in the past.

If fighting against an ex-wrestler, who was unmasked in a battle of mask versus mask, the Dragon was defeated by the Masked Avenger’s teacher and friend. The Dragon kidnaps the Masked Avenger’s friend’s daughter. The Masked Avenger must fight against both the Dragon and his legion of Ninjas, as he is forced to search for a mythological creature sleeping in a live volcano. To make things even more interesting he is chained to an atomic bomb while hunting for the creature while his friend’s daughter, the Masked Avenger girlfriend, is forced to help him in their search.

I enjoyed the book and look forward to the next novel, The Masked Avenger and The Kaiju Masters by Ron Ford, and the next adventures of the Masked Avenger in The Masked Avenger Magazine at Enjoy the book on Amazon and thank you.

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