Title: Maeve # 1
Publisher: Red 5 Comics
Creator and Story: Kevin Corcoran
Writer: Cris Seixas
Artist: Caio Majado
Color: Calo, Majado, Ed Benes
Writing assistant: Paula Andrade
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: In an Irish village of Turoe a group of new warriors and hunters get ready for their first hunt. The children find the forest seems strange this night. They fear fairies yet they need to focus on what they are doing. They feel something is not right.
As the group is attacked it is Maeve who stands strong and tall. She faces the attacker not afraid but as a protector of her people. She is young yet she acts without hesitation.
Maeve is a beauty, a young warrior in the making. She is so brave in facing danger. The illustrations of her ready to fight and inaction are works of art.
Is war looming in the future? Maeve thinks so yet others want to go slow and make sure.
The art in close-ups of Maeve makes her look super sexy and so beautiful yet farther away she looks more boyish, especially in her figure which up close leaves no doubt.
The Irish feel to the comic comes through. The Celtic word boxes look amazing.
Maeve is a young teen woman just coming of age and her attitude is that of a caring yet tough female warrior. She will stop at nothing and let nothing stop her.

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