THE BOOK CAVE: G-Man Comics Christmas Special #2

G-Man Comics Christmas Special #2

I just finished reading Junior G-Men Save Christmas. This was easily a comic that could be read by all ages. It has been years since I’ve read anything with Santa Claus, Rudolph, or elves. In the story, Santa has asked for help from the Junior G-Men, an Anime style version of the G-Men. Rik Offenberger wrote this very action pack, mostly non-violent story with art by Joshua 1:9 Holley, letters by Francisco Zamora, edited by Chris Squires, and assistant editors Gregg Whitmore and Bradley DeFate.
While I know most of the characters’ names, it would help if there were name tags introducing each character to new readers. Murder Hornet has captured both Rudolph and Jenni, the Giant Elf (a normal size person, elves must be extra small if Jenni is a Giant. I forgot some of their names (too lazy to get the Handbook out of the box), but the leader has divided the team into three groups, one to rescue Rudolph, one to save Jenni, and the rest to help Santa Claus load the sleigh and deliver presents.
I was very impressed with the quality of both the art and writing. While the story was light, it didn’t talk down to the readers. Without giving away the story, I liked how the different religions and races were able to help Santa Claus deliver presents to the different parts of the world.
I really like how the conflict over Jenni, the Giant Elf is finished. I’d like to see more conflicts end this way. Rik Offenberger shows that there is more than one way to end a conflict. This is a comic book I’d have no problem giving to anyone of any age, race, gender, or religious preference. I hope everyone buys multiple copies of this issue to give out as Christmas presents.

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