An Exciting Dungeons and Dragons Modern Adventure Tale Brought to Vivid and Thrilling Life by the All-Around Creative Skills of Chris Michael!

C.R.I.T #6 raises the stakes to new heights as this indie-gem continues from the artistic brilliance of Chris Michael of Homebrewed Comics. C.R.I.T smashes into Kickstarter on October 12th!

C.R.I.T started as a Dungeons and Dragons tabletop game, with a modern twist, among lifelong friends. The issue’s humor and rich dialogue was generated from genuine conversations between these friends during their real games. That is what makes this series special and the stories so energetic- you can feel the camaraderie among the characters and between the friends that inspired them. Chris Michael displays his amazing skills throughout as a Swiss army knife of comic book talent. He not only acts as the writer of C.R.I.T, but is also the penciler, the inker, and now the colorist too!

In this newest issue of C.R.I.T, the team experiences caffeinated chaos as they attempt to exist as small business owners. What are they selling you ask? What every superhero needs- coffee and energy drinks in New Orleans. What new challenges await? What could possibly go wrong? Find out on October 12th!

C.R.I.T #6 continues this fan-favorite series with fantastic new rewards for pledgers, including C.R.I.T energy drinks and Chris Michael acting as dungeon master for the pledgers very own game! Issue 5’s pledgers have already received their rewards and the reactions have been outstanding. Reviews have praised the series’ snappy dialogue, drawn from real in-game conversations among the players. The hype has only been building for this series and issue 6 will only enhance the audience’s desire for more C.R.I.T!

“CRIT came about during one of the hardest parts of my life and gave me a creative outlet that I had been missing for a long time,” explains series creator/writer/artist Chris Michael, “It is what brought my friends and I back together after over a decade and has become a staple in our friendship since. We have created so many memories playing the Dungeons and Dragons campaign that the comic is based on and the response that we have gotten from our readers is so motivating. In order to create the comic, I had to teach myself to draw, and knowing people are enjoying our books is one of the most rewarding feelings in the world.”

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