Snap Flash Hustle: Snap Flash Hustle # 3

Title: Snap Flash Hustle # 3
Publisher: Black Mask Studios
Writer: Pat Shand
Artist/Cover: Emily Pearson
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Haley has Coral using her. Coral is one of the veterans of the girls and something has started going wrong. Coral wants Haley to help her find out what and who. Drama among the girls is building.
Haley gets to work with all the other girls and check them all out. Haley is being let into the upper part of this group.
The art is solid with still a pastel look yet clear and focused enough to bring out the characters characteristics.
Coral does make it clear she knows Haley’s husband Jamie and their lover in this threesome Pauline and that she can get to them at any time.
Things do start heating up here. Haley finds out that being a criminal is not so easy and not just about money.
What would you do to protect your family? Haley is placed in a tough situation. How will you pull through? She just wanted to make her life better now she may lose it and more. Is money worth everything else?

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