RICH REVIEWS: Snap Flash Hustle # 2

Title: Snap Flash Hustle # 2
Publisher: Black Mask Studios
Writer: Pat Shand
Artist/Cover: Emily Pearson
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: Haley is a nervous wreck after she joins with the drug gang.
The art is much to pasty looking.
This issue is pretty slow moving. The gang leaders are worried about an attack on them. mostly the issue has the girls standing around talking.
Haley does start hanging out with the other girls who are models and drug smugglers. We do get a look at the relationships that exist just not too in-depth. The girls are there to make money. Haley is the newbie so she is the most under suspicion when a problem occurs.
Haley’s morels are not all that high with the way she jumps right into being a criminal without a second thought. She is a beautiful and likable character yet she is a drug dealer.
The criminals that Haley joins seem laid back yet they are willing to murder if they feel it is needed. So make no mistake Haley is now a criminal.

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