Title: Once Our Land (TP)
Publisher: Scout Comics
Cover by: Peter Ricq
Written by: Peter Ricq
Illustrations by: Peter Ricq & Sunny Shah
Coloring by: Peter Ricq
Color Lats by: Peter Ricq & Andrew Young
Price: $ 13.00 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: In Germany in a small town lives Fritz and on his birthday he gets a nice gift-wrapped box. As he opens it and looks for his gift what he finds is amazing. What the box contains will have you on the edge of your seat. It is an adventure for Fritz. Now, this adventure shows up for everyone in the town of Mainz. They all get a box of their own.
An invasion has occurred which is skipped over. In the aftermath, Ingrid is doing her best to survive. She is a cute young girl still a child. She has learned what to do to survive which you can tell cause she is still alive.
The art style is eye catching in a subdued way. The colors are softly done. The characters and monsters all look amazing.
Fritz all gown up now finds Ingrid. Together they fight the monsters in the world. They do get into some exciting and frightening situations.
This book just flows along and you get a front row seat to this wonderful tale of two humans taking back our world. These two become friends out of necessity and out of wanting a friend. These two friends are the hope for the rest of humanity.
There are tons of bonus material in the back of the book.

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