RICH REVIEWS: Super Ready Battle Armor # 1

Title: Super Ready Battle Armor # 1
Publisher: Half Tone Productions
Created and Written by: Bradley Adan
Illustrated by: Luis Ergueta Roldan
Edited by: Belinda Kwoka & Jann Kwoka
Price: $ 7.00 Aud
Rating: 1 out of 5 stars
Website: ,
Comments: This is a black and white comic done in an anime style.
Super Battle Ready Armor charges head-on into the villains. Is it a dream or real? Then this part of the story is forgotten.
The story makes no sense, there is no reason or explanation about what is going on. What type of story is this a super-hero one, a gang one or just random ramblings? Who are all these characters and why should we care about them. The art does make the people look cute at least.
Eventually, the story focuses on a stolen car. Why?
Donamic shows up to invite Iron to join his growing gang. Iron says no and trouble is started and just gets worse. Who is Donamic, why is he doing what he is doing? Who is Iron and why is he a gang leader? His personality does not match a gang leader.
The story and art are so all over the place and it switches to new characters for no reason. It starts out ok with the character Super Battle Ready Armor but than he is never heard from again.

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