Silver Sprocket presents Puppy Knight: Den of Deception by Michael Sweater & Josue Cruz

Puppy Knight is truly a one-of-a-kind story that would be a jewel in anyone’s comic collection…Bright, expressive, and hilarious, I wish I was adventuring with Sparky and Pugsly!” – Katy Farina (Song of the Court, The Baby-Sitters Club)

Meet your new favorite treasure hunting doggy duo: Sparky and Pugsly!
There’s no knight braver than Sparky Muttson! (Except maybe his enthusiastic and very cute apprentice, Pugsly.) They’re ready for their first adventure together, and while this quest might not turn out exactly how they expected, Sparky and Pugsly have the chops to make it through—no bones about it!

From Michael Sweater and Josue Cruz comes a charming, funny, and adventurous story filled with hijinks perfect for all ages. Their bright colors bring this story to life and will have readers eager to turn each page until the very end.
Puppy Knight: Den of Deception is 48 full-color pages and will be released on April 13th, 2022, in comic and book shops worldwide, and direct from the Silver Sprocket website.

Read on for select sample pages:

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