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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Amazing Spider-Man # 92
ANT # 3
Captain Carter # 1
Detective Comics # 1056
Devil’s Reign # 5
I Am Batman # 7
Radiant Red # 1
Spider-Gwen: Gwenverse # 1
Thor # 23
Venom # 6

ANT # 3– Erik Larsen’s penchant for blending in elements from the Silver Age era of Marvel within The Image Universe is still a fun read and it looks like Larsen has no problem ramping up the nostalgia factor to tell his stories; In the third issue of ANT’s series, she teams up with Spawn against King Spider in a brutal fight under the sewers; While it’s always a good thing for Spawn to be a guest star in other people’s titles, he wasn’t given that much do here as he showed up towards the end and that was it (Granted he joined the fight between ANT & King Spider) so it just looks like Larsen just put Spawn in this issue to get people to either buy this series or he owed Todd McFarlane a favor. This is still a solid read, even if you choose to ignore the disappointing Spawn appearance.

Captain Carter # 1– Peggy Carter’s version of Captain America won the hearts of many fans during her appearance on Disney+’s “What If…?” and just like Gwenpool when she made her debut, The Captain gets her own series and right away, all the familiar and extraordinary elements that people know about Steve Rogers is reinvented for Peggy as she wakes up from her suspended animation and tries to find her place in a world that’s changed so dramatically. The fact that Jamie McKelvie and Marika Cresta crafted a Captain Carter that stays true to her roots from the “What If..?” series is to their credit as it honors Captain America while firmly placing Peggy Carter as a quintessential figure outside the MCU.

Radiant Red # 1– Spinning out of “Radiant Black”, Satomi Sone is just an ordinary middle school teacher, the glue that holds her family together, and a fiance with a nasty gambling addiction os it isn’t long before she uses the power of Radiant Red to solve some other problems such as robbing a bank and stashing 2.5 million dollars away so that she won’t lose the house she shares with her fiance. I enjoy the fact that this is an interesting story about a woman that’s been granted great power and uses them to right any wrong in her life no matter the consequences that come with them because Satomi’s actions as Radiant Red comes back to haunt her which is not good at all. This is another great companion piece to Radiant Black that really shows an in-depth look at the characters instead of making things look pretty like it’s a CW show so this is an amazing recommendation for anyone looking to find out where Satomi Sone’s story goes next.

Spider-Gwen: Gwenverse # 1– One Gwen Stacy variant isn’t enough for the typical comic book fan?! Why not any Gwen variant as we’re introduced to the “Gwenverse”; When I read this issue, I found it to be an extremely fun read that anyone can enjoy since it doesn’t take itself too seriously but lets the story flow with ease and sets you up for any surprise that will come your way and it’s always great to see Tim Seeley back writing a superhero story that’s full of excitement and brings with it an “Indiana Jones’ vibe that’s hard to resist. Gwenverse takes the Multiverse angle and makes it a fun occasion to the point where you’ll definitely be asking yourself “What’s Next?!”

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