Silver Sprocket presents Hell Phone by Catboy and Girl Juice creator Benji Nate

“Nate (Catboy) jams out a quirky and stylish supernatural mystery that still hits her sweet spot of slice-of-life friendship comics.” —Publishers Weekly

What would you do if a flip phone was telling you where to find a dead body? This is the question Benji Nate has us asking ourselves in her new comic series, Hell Phone.
Sissy and Lola are best friends, next-door neighbors, and now… murder solvers? When Sissy picks up a lost flip phone and follows the instructions from the stranger on the other line, she and Lola are flung into an investigation of a grisly crime. With each new phone call, the girls are dug deeper into a conspiracy that threatens their lives—and possibly their friendship. But with no way to escape the dreaded calls, the only way out is to unravel the mystery.
From the author of Catboy and Girl Juice, Nate’s newest series takes us on a twisty, creepy, and sometimes funny adventure featuring a demonic flip phone, an old cult, and a time-bending murder mystery that will leave readers anxiously awaiting the next installment.

Hell Phone, Book One is 160 full-color pages and will be released on March 9th, 2022, in comic and book shops worldwide, and direct from the Silver Sprocket website.

Read on for select sample pages:

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