Purgatori Bites Into the NFT Format!

February 22 Mt. Laurel, NJ: The immortal Egyptian vampire-demoness legend Purgatori makes her way again to the innovative NFT comics format by way of Dynamite Entertainment and Terra Virtua.

Fans can travel “To Hell and Back” with Sakkara in her fan-favorite 2014 solo series, the first under the Dynamite Chaos! umbrella. The storyline’s first issue and full graphic novel storyline are both available via Terra Virtua, for collectors to make their choice. In the tale by writer Aaron Gillespie and artist Javier Garcia-Miranda, get to know the alluring bloodchild.


Lucifer, the lord of Hell, has stripped Purgatori of most of her power and exiled her to Earth, where her insatiable need for blood threatens to overwhelm her sanity. Her only hope for regaining her full stature is by acquiring the Chalice of Regeneration, a cup from antiquity lost to the desert sands. But Purgatori has a rival for the prize, an old enemy with an intense grudge. And even if the vampire goddess can once again attain her former glory, can she withstand the machinations of Lucifer, the weaponsmith Cremator, and Purgatori’s own blood clone?

These limited-edition digital collectibles are available to purchase on Terra Virtua here:

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