Hero CollectorRevealsNew Disney’s TRON Light Cycle

“This is blue leader to blue bikes. Run these guys into your jetwalls.””This is gold one to gold two and three. Split up, take ’em one-on-one.”

(London, UK –January,2022) –Hero Collector–designers, manufacturers, and publishers of high-quality collectibles from across the worlds of pop culture –is ready to enter the Grid with its newest die-cast collectible: the iconic lightcycle from the 1982 Disney sci-fi classic, TRON!An Oscar-nominated epic that revolutionized the use of CGI in cinema, Disney’s TRON took audiencesinto the Grid –a fully computerized world of living programs –alongside programmer Kevin Flynn, as he sought to escape the tyranny of the Master Control Program and return to reality. A cult film of tremendous influence, TRON’s impact extends across the worlds of cinema, music, games, and more.Hero Collector’s Tron: Light CycleCollectionoffers fans of this classic franchisetheir very own light cycle! A design taken from one of Flynn’s own video games, the light cycle was repurposed for the MCP’s deadly gladiatorial challenges. Fast, agile, and capable of leaving a solid ‘jetwall’ in its path, each light cycle steadily built a deadly maze around its opponents –until they were forced into a high-speed game over!This screen-accurate, hand-paintedlight cyclefigurine is a perfect match forthe originalCG model, and will come in each of the colors seen in the original film –blue, orange, and red.At approximately X” long, it makes theperfectaddition to any collector’s shelf –or any programmer’s desk!Fans of Disney’s TRON and other classic sci-fi franchises should keep an eye on the Hero Collector websitefor more reveals of upcoming vehicles and ships, and you canpre-order your Light Cycle now at https://shop.eaglemoss.com/hero-collector/tron-light-cycle-1st-generation! Prepare to transport to lightcycle grid…–



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