SDCC (audio): John Stanley: Giving Life to Little Lulu

Bill Schelly and Gary Groth talked about Bill’s new book on John
Stanley. The revealed what characters that Stanley created for the
Little Lulu comic title, what John did before he worked in comics, they
revealed why he was listed as F4 and couldn’t serve in the military,
they spoke about Tubby and fantasy stories, how Carl Barks and John
Stanley felt about each other was discussed, the horror stories that
John liked and did, the scrutiny that Stanley came under when he got a
new editor and Dell Comics were using the “Dell Comics are Good Comics”
pledge, Stanley being hired to create a line of titles for Dell after
the split, what he did after working for Dell, Stanley’s personal demons
and what work he did when he couldn’t do comics anymore, John’s only
convention appearance and interview and the commissions he did towards
the end of his life.

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