SDCC (audio): James Hudnall Spotlight

James was running behind so the panel started with moderator Dr. Terry
Cronin talking about his love of Eclipse Comics, which was followed by
David Lloyd discussing how he came about working with James on ESPers
and why he liked the book. Lloyd also spoke about John N. Burnes, who is
a hero of his. When James came in Jackie Estrada gave him an Inkpot
Award. James spoke about getting to work with David Lloyd, his getting
work at Marvel, going from Strikeforce: Morituri to Alpha Flight, then
over to DC where he wrote Luthor: The Unauthorized Biography. James
discussed many of the books that James worked on over his career.
Hudnall and Lloyd spoke about John Ridgway and why he loved talking on
the phone so much. They also spoke about Malibu’s Ultraverse and his
books Hardcase and The Solution.

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