SDCC (audio): That 70s Panel

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On the panel was Keith Pollard, Marv Wolfman, Joe Staton, Ron Wilson,
Elliot S! Maggin, Mike Grell, Paul Levitz and moderator Mark Evanier.
Mark began by asking them what assignment did they get that made them
really feel like they were a comic professional. Elliot told a story
about selling a school assignment story to DC Comics, he also told
stories about Curt Swan. The artists told how they felt about other
people inking their work, Mike Grell told how he broke in, Paul told a
funny story about Grell being unhappy with his current inker and inking
his own pencils before sending in the pages, Paul also talked about push
back from the 2nd generation of artists regarding certain inkers.
Everyone discussed who’s work they admired. Mark told a story about
Jerry Siegel and the change with him over the years in regards to DC
Comics. They all told a story about the worst deadline crisis they’ve
had, Paul talked about the DC Implosion and both Paul and Marv Wolfman
discussed having to let people go.

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