I have known Mickey McFaster for more than 20 years. Actually, I was friends and a co-worker with his wife, Darlene McFaster, and later worked with Mickey when he joined the business. I remember when he was with Diablo 44, and getting a copy of the first CD, back in the day when CDs were a thing. Music has been a lifelong passion for Mickey and when news broke that he was signed with the Rockhopper Agency I couldn’t be happier for him. Below are the press release and a few songs from The Focke-Wolves, enjoy.


Rockhopper Agency Announces Signing The Focke-Wolves

Booking agency Rockhopper Agency today announced that it has signed American rock act, The Focke-Wolves. The band features noted musicians from the United States and have extensive touring and recording experience.

This five-member high energy, hard charging group from Southern California USA moves around, taking up every square inch of space on and off the stage. Punk-Damaged American Rock N’ Roll at its finest.

“I am extremely pleased to be working with such an amazingly professional and talented group of musicians,” stated Archie Dani, Rockhopper’s Los Angeles agent. “Seeing The Focke-Wolves perform for the first time was a feast for the eyes and ears. Loud, raw energy sound and plain mean, down and dirty, the way Rock’N’Roll should be. I look forward to bringing them to festival audiences in Europe and Scandinavia and increase their visibility domestically.”


For booking or more information regarding Rockhopper International, please contact Archie Dani at or visit

Rockhopper Agency
Perhekunnantie 10-12 A 2,
00430 Helsinki Finland

Archie Dani (Los Angeles)
tel +1 (310 ) 359-3578


The Focke-Wolves
Forming 2011, in Southern California, this 5 member, big guitars, high-energy, underground sound line up consists of: Bobby Ray Octane (Vox), Mickey McFaster (Guitar), TK Overdrive (Guitar), Eli Miller (Bass), Billy Dee (Drums) is Punk Damaged-American Rock N’ Roll at its finest.

“With The Focke-Wolves it’s best to take cover and admire from afar as these guys move around, taking up every square inch of space on and off the stage.” – Donna Balancia,

With over twenty plus years of experience, each has singularly and/or collectively shared the stage with The Damned, The Stray Cats, The Joneses, The Beat Farmers, Cadillac Tramps, Alien Ant Farm, The Blasters, Concrete Blonde, Chris Isaak, Supersuckers, Link Wray, Bow Wow, Rick Agnew, TSOL (Joe Woods era)… But to rest on nostalgia is lamentable. To charge forward with a no holds barred attitude is to be applauded. There are those who think that rock is dead and those that know it isn’t, but if it ain’t moving forward then you kick down the $%^$*%^ doors.

In 2015, The Focke-Wolves released their freshman scratch-track album, ‘Trust No One’ through Ned O’ Records. In 2017, they stepped again into the studio to begin recording their second full-length album with accomplished Producer Cameron Webb (last 6 Motorhead Records, Social Distortion, etc.). Set to release a 4 song teaser EP –‘Blasto Maxxxo’ (Cobraside Distribution) on June 8th with their sights set to record again in the summer of 2017.

The Focke-Wolves ‘Trash Queen’ and “Bouncin’ Off the Rubber’ are featured on the soundtrack for the Indie Film, “Kobal Report”- Winner of the 2017 New York Film Festival Diamond Award, Winner of the Best Short Thriller Award at The LA Film Awards, Nominee for 2017 Cannes Film Festival, and nominee for the 2017 Miami Film Festival and 2017 Barcelona Film Festivals.

The Kobal Report:

McFaster claims, “This is finally the high-energy rock n’ roll band Ray and I set out to have since our Diablo 44 days and with the current line-up, it’s gonna bang.”

That amigos, is The Focke-Wolves Gospel. High Energy, Punk Damaged, American Rock N’ Roll – dig it or don’t and cheers to ya either way!!!

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