RICH REVIEWS: Minnie & Daisy: Best Friends Forever # 2

Title: Minnie & Daisy: Best Friends Forever # 2 (GN)
Publisher: Papercutz
Contributors: various
Price: $ 7.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Fashion Passion”
Script: Silvia Gianatti
Art: Stefano De Lellis
Ink: Santa Zangari
Color: Angela Capolupo
The girls have fun designing and dressing up. They do such a great job they make it as magazine cover girls. The art is fun and the characters do have fun. Girls will love reading this story. It could though use a bit more excitement to it.
“Roughing It”
Script: Silvia Martinoli
Art: Davide Baldoni
Ink: Cristina Giorgilli
Color: Lucio De Giuseppe, Angela Capolupo
and Mario Perotta
Minnie and Daisy along with some others go on a camping trip. The story has everyone having fun but it could use more excitement. The girls are shown enjoying themselves even when they thought they would not.
“All For One”
Script: Riccardo Pesce
Art: Davide Baldoni
Ink: Francesco Abrignani, Roberta Zanotta
Color: Lucio De Giuseppe
Daisy and Minnie learn that friendship is more than just hanging out. You treat your friends as friends. When they make a new friend they soon learn she is not much of a friend. It is great making new friends but be careful with who.
“The Wheels Of Fortune”
Script: Valentina Camerini
Art: Davide Baldoni
Ink: Michela Frare
Color: Angela Capolupo
Graphic Illustrations: Gianluca Panniello
Daisy tries biking. Which leads to her making a new friend. We see Daisy may fall down trying but she gets right back up and tries again. Plus Daisy is illustrated wearing some nice outfits.
“A Ribbitting Challenge”
Script: Silvia Gianatti
Art: Stefania Fiorillo
Ink: Roberta Zanotta
Color: Gianluca Barone, Dario Calabria
Graphic Illustrations: Stefania Fiorillo, Gianluca Barone
Macy has a fear and she faces it with some help. Anyone can conquer their fears if they face them and try. Having friends to help just makes it all the easier. It is good to see the characters supporting each other.
“Preview of Ariol #10”
Script: Emmanuel Guibert
Art: Marc Boutavant
Lettering: Bryan Senka
Ariol is a cute little donkey who has all kinds of adventures in his normal life. He has an interesting life.
“Hi-Tech Horoscope”
Script: Silvia Lombardi
Art: Paolo Campinoti
Ink: Barina Baggio
Color: Roberta Zanotta
Graphic Illustrations: Gianluca Panniello
Minnie’s horoscope does come true just not in the way she hoped.
Minnie and Daisy are BFF and they are drawn and written as the cutest friends ever.

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