RICH REVIEWS: Wahoo Morris # 1

Title: Wahoo Morris # 1
Publisher: C.A.T. Comics & Books
Story & Art: Craig A. Taillefer
Price: free
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Two people go to see a band play.
The band is made up of Guitar & vocals Sebastian ‘Bash’ McElroy, drums & vocals Arnie Ginsberg, bass & vocals Chas Underwood, vocals & guitar Alicia Baird.
Sebastian and one of the female members of the band go back to her place. They are getting along great until he gets romantic. She is an animal lover and also his an interest in the occult. Why she jumps down his throat is a bit of a mystery since she was acting as if she liked having his attention. Her name is Alicia it takes a while for them to let you know. There is something going on with her and magic is involved.
The art is black and white and it does illustrate the characters beautifully. Alicia is drawn perfectly to show when she feels embarrassed.
The characters are all interesting and will have you wanting to know more. Love is in the air just it is going to get complicated. It is also going to get weirder.

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