RICH REVIEWS: Malefic # 3

Title: Malefic # 3
Publisher: Devil’s Due/1First Comics
Writer: Dan Schaffer
Artist: David Miller
Lettering: Chris Crank
Cover: Dan Schaffer
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The Doctor is having a session with a woman who may have a split personality or maybe something else. Is she or one part of her a psychopath?
The one-page pin-up of the Doctor and her father is gorgeous. This is a masterpiece of art.
This is no ordinary insane asylum the patients are far from normal. How they are treated to go about making them better and curing them is unlike anything you have ever seen before.
Inmate seventy-seven aka Daphne Delite is the next patient our Doctor looks in on.
Inmate fifty-two aka Franklin Fogge is another patient the Doctor comes up with a unique way of treating him.
The faces are drawn at times lacking detail and especially on the nurse her face seems off at times. The Doctor has the sexiest legs ever.
Doctor Freust is shown to have a natural affinity for dealing with these strange cases and she uses weird ways.
The Doctor is in and she will let you see her now.

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