RICH REVIEWS: Sian: The Eye of Jar-Jargathar # 1

Title: Sian: The Eye of Jar-Jargathar # 1
Publisher: Craig A. Taillefer
Story & Art: Craig A. Taillefer
Price: free
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Sian is a thief. She wants one thing which a wizard may grant to her if she completes his quest. Her quest takes turns that you will not expect. Through it all, she only wants one thing though, well a little treasure too.
Sian’s problem is she just needs more confidence in herself. She is a skilled thief and a good fighter. She can stand up to anyone and do well against them. This woman is someone others can identify with and see themselves in.
Beautiful pin-ups end this comic. Sian is a gorgeous woman and a strong one.
Sian is a down to earth woman that you will be rooting for and love seeing her succeed.

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