RICH REVIEWS: Things You Shouldn’t Remember # 3

Title: Things You Shouldn’t Remember # 3
Publisher: Darby Pop Publishing
Written and Lettered by: Luis Roldan Torquemada
Art by: Mariano Eliceche
Color by: Angel Lidon
Cover by: Mariano Eliceche/Color Angel Lidon
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: The story has something to do with remembering a song. It has more going on than that too for that you have to read the recap which none of the issues include as part of the story itself. So it is like two separate stories.
People’s memories of certain things are disappearing and not only their memories but all records of it. Why is this happening?
Marc comes up with an escape plan for him and Monica from Tommy. It does get exciting. The car crash is drawn well making you feel the impact of it. Overall though the art is bland. It needs more definition to it.
Christine Wahnfried, who is she? What is an Infringer? Who are the Long Folk and Handlers? There should be some answers to go with these questions. Also, what is a Rememberer? Some mystery is good but it also has to have some things revealed.
Marc and Monica do make a cute couple who are out of their depth without knowing why they are. They are the best part about this comic.

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