RICH REVIEW: The Scarlet Rose # 1 “I Knew I’d Meet You”

Title: The Scarlet Rose # 1 “I Knew I’d Meet You”
Publisher: Charmz
Story/Art/Cover by: Patricia LyFoung
Color by: Philippe Ogaki
Translation by: Joe Johnson
Lettering by: Bryan Senka
Price: $ 14.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The Fox in olden times is just like Robin Hood he steals from the rich and gives to the poor.
Maud is a peasant girl and her papa gives her a wonderful sword of amazing beauty.
Maud journeys to Paris to meet her Grandfather and to find her father’s killer.
Maud’s grandfather wants to make her a lady with an education and then marry her off. Maud though might just have other ideas in her pretty little head.
The moon in one panel is illustrated so beautifully, it appears to be glowing. The castle shown is wonderfully illustrated it does give you a feel for the times.
Maud is a wonderful character if not so this story would be dragging on. Finally, though she takes up the role in Paris of Scarlet. A female version of the Fox.
In chapter two her name changes to Scarlet Rose with no reason given. She is drawn in a lovely costume for her outings as Scarlet Rose. She is drawn with a lithe figure.
The Scarlet Rose finally meets the Fox again. The meeting is rough. Things definitely do not go Maud’s way.
The ending here which is really a begging is amazingly done. You know it’s coming but still, you are thrilled to see it happen.
The Scarlet Rose and the Fox are thrilling new adventures that will thrill and delight readers.

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