RICH REVIEWS: Righteous # 1

Title: Righteous # 1
Publisher: Both Feet Productions
Creator/Writer/Producer: Kevin Sheller
Pencils/Inks/Lettering: Joseba Morales
Colors: Gab Contreras
Flats: Danielle Iannarelli
Editing: Greg Holkenbrink, Christie Yant
Cover: Neal D. Anderson
Righteous Logo: Bob Nelson
Price: free
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Website Kickstarter:
Comments: The colors are light and airy. The art itself has sparse backgrounds. The people are plainly drawn.
Daniel a business man has just landed a big account. That night he gets a visit and his eyes get a starry glow. The look to the eyes is well illustrated.
As Daniel goes into work the next day something has changed. He has changed. Daniel helps out a panhandler. Daniel starts being nicer than normal for him.
Why do people he helps get the same starry eyed look as him? They do not act any different afterwards.
The story is interesting and seeing someone helping others just for the sake of helping is an uplifting and hopeful way of acting.
You might think this was a religious comic book but so far it is not. It just has a message to be nice and helpful to others.

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