RICH REVIEWS: The Storyteller: Giant # 2

Title: The Storyteller: Giant # 2
Publisher: Archaia
Story & Art by: Brandon Dayton
Coloring Assistance by: Spencer Holt
Cover by: Brandon Dayton
Variant Cover by: Karl Kerschl
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: A Tailor had sons and a daughter. He left his business to his sons and to his daughter his best needle and pin cushion.
The Tailor’s daughter has been promised in marriage to a castle owner. The owner of the castle the daughter learns about on her way to him, he is a mean evil giant she is told. She received several magical gifts along the way.
Well the giant is a big man and just and he has one rule only. Which is broken and leads to his downfall.
The Tailor’s daughter does find that those like her with a good and kind heart can win over evil. She does in spades. This Tailor’s daughter gets it all and so do all those around her. She turned the most dire situation into the best it could be.
The narrator and his dog do add a interesting touch to the telling of this story.

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