RICH REVIEWS: The Deep # 1

Title: The Deep # 1
Publisher: KABOOM!
Created by: Tom Taylor & James Brouwer
Written by: Tom Taylor
Illustrated by: James Brouwer
Lettered by: Wolfsgang Bylsma
Cover by: James Brouwer
Variant Covers by: Brooke Allen, Jorge Corona/with Colors by Jeremy Lawson
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Something strange is happening at sea. The sea is angry and well illustrated here.
The Arronax is a state of the art sub where the Netron Family live. The sub is gorgeously illustrated. You do get a feel of the majesty of it.
The Kektron Family is Will, Kaiko, Fontaine and Ant. So what does a family do on a Sunday well go looking for dragons of course.
The comic is simple in both story and the art on the main characters. Nothing really jumps out at you. This comic is for a younger audience. The characters are cute we just need more to them.
This is the start to an undersea adventure of fun and excitement.

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