BOOK CAVE: Skull Crusher Book 1 By Joel Jenkins

What can I say about a book by Joel Jenkins that I haven’t said many times before? I’ve decided that he isn’t just one person, but has a basement full of writers that he keeps chained to desks working on new books. It’s either this or my go to explanation for everything, aliens.

Now about the book I just finished reading. The hero of this saga, Strommand Greattrix wakes up on the first page. He has been drugged and is a captive of the man that has killed all his family. He is one of the last of the royal family. Due to his thinking with the wrong head he now is a captive. What I find interesting is that after spending a life, drinking all he can and bedding every pretty girl that catches his eye. He decides to swear an oath of celibacy and not to touch hard drink. (Yeah, sure you are). He is put to the test several times after his escape.

Like all Joel Jenkins books, the book is populated with several interesting characters. Even the ones with no redeeming qualities later you are cheering for. In the back of my mind a voice is yelling, “Stab him again, he’s still breathing.” Of course, the voice wants the bad guy killed. Later that same character is being cheered by the voice.

As I mentioned earlier, Strommand Greattrix wakes up on the first page and that point on it is full speed ahead. He barely takes a rest and not even a bathroom break.

Throughout the book he is in one fight after another. Barely one battle is finished, he is in the middle of another. There is enough action and battles to fill several books. All the battles are just to get him closer to finding a family member left alive, that he plans to make king over his homeland.

The book is filled with several subplots that you see start and think have ended. But are they really? You see hints that there may be more to that side story than you thought.

Even though the book ends with a satisfying conclusion, it is still open for the next book. Luckily for me, the next book is sitting next to me. Enjoy the book and all the action that makes a James Bond movie look pedestrian.

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