RICH REVIEWS: The Sire # 4

Title: The Sire # 4
Publisher: AfterShock Comics
Creator/Writer/Colorist: Michael Dolce
Pencilers: Daniel Leister, Will Torres
Cover Artist: Talent Caldwell with Andrew Mangum & Travis Escarfullery
Plot Assist: Alex Picarelli
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: The Sire is out after a blue-colored guy the scene is pretty much just used to fill in the reader a little bit about who the Sire is. There is a little action though nothing all that exciting.
J.J. is shown at work and she is on easy jobs with no danger. It is obvious she hates it and wants back in the field. She is the main focus of this issue and establishing her as a main character works. J. J. is a workaholic. She and Don continue to get closer. This is something the reader will want to see happening as they build a bond with each other more than friends.
The story just keeps adding more to it. Agent Mahorn has now entered the picture. He is using the government against these new super-powered people and he is after the Sire and Siphon. Will Siphon and the Sire end up working together to stop this common threat?
Will J.J. tell her ex-boyfriend where to go? Will we learn more about how Don got the suit? There are many questions left to answer. Having some mysteries is good to keep you guessing.
This issue and title do have a way of captivating you.

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