RICH REVIEWS: The Sire # 5

Title: The Sire # 5
Publisher: AfterShock Comics
Creator/Writer/Colorist: Michael Dolce
Penciler: Jose Holder
Cover Artist: Tyler Kirkham
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: The Sire and Siphon it appears are now teaming up to stop the alien that wants to conquer Earth. Agent Mahorn does not want to help this alien yet he has no choice.
Pages eight and nine are on the same page.
J.J. gets caught by the government, how it is not shown, and what happened to her ex? This part is just skipped over.
The Sire and the alien in Mahorn’s body do go head-on. This alien in his alien form is a frightening sight.
The action scenes of Sire fighting have very little backgrounds. This might work if the poses were more dynamic and the art clearer.
Siphon joins the fray and the Presence the name for the evil alien is released which may make it an even greater threat.
Now a mysterious teleport leaves the reader wondering what just happened and why. Too many things are not explained. Yes, some mystery is good but to be able to understand and follow the story completely you do need to know some things.
The Sire is the main hero of this story yet the other characters are used just as much. A little more focus on him would have been nice to see.

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