RICH REVIEWS: The Sire # 3

Title: The Sire # 3
Publisher: AfterShock Comics
Creator/Writer/Colorist: Michael Dolce
Penciler: Daniel Leister
Cover Artist: Tyler Kirkham, Andrew Mangum & Travis Escarfullery
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Don and J.J. find themselves together on a rooftop. Here Don aka the Sire starts to explain everything.   Samuel Antonetti along with his henchmen and Paralys a super-powered criminal are at the warehouse.
In the present J.J. sends Don to the police station. Don does as she asks because it is obvious to both he is in love with her. At the police station, all hell breaks loose as the Sire engages Paralys and Soren. This fight ends differently than the Sire wanted.
Samuel Antonetti is here and he has evil plans for the Sire and J.J. The Sire takes the next step towards being the hero he is meant to be. He is a good man thrown into a situation he does not fully understand and it has still not fully been revealed to the reader either.
Don and J.J. have been brought together closer by this suit and Don becoming the Sire. He is now a force for life. He now knows that and J.J. is standing by his side.
The art on the alien is gorgeous. The colors are perfectly done to help bring out its evil personality. The Sire is drawn in a few heroic poses. J.J. is illustrated as a beautiful women with a strong-willed personality.
The issue does get you rooting for the Sire.

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