RICH REVIEWS: The President Killed My Dog # 2

Title: The President Killed My Dog # 2
Publisher: Bad Aura Media LLC
Writer: Chris Kostecka
Art by: Dietrich Smith
Price: $ 6.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Mary does not have a normal functioning brain. She is not fully sane. She is focused on one thing though. Mary does run into a few snags starting out on her mission.
Poor Mary she remembers her recent life how happy her and Cindy her dog were.
Mary’s life now is just going downhill. Things just keep getting worse and worse. Mary has lost everything in her life and in her mind, there is only one thing she can do.
The story will have you feeling sorry for Mary and empathizing with her situation. A normal person would not act as she does now or even as she did before.
One event can change a person’s life entirely but to have two such events occur. Mary has totally snapped. Now she is off to commit a crime one that her broken mind has convinced her is the right thing to do.
The art portrays the characters as normal people. The skins tones are well done.
Mary as you read this comic you will realize she needs help and you will also feel sorry for her and how life has treated this poor woman.

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