RICH REVIEWS: The President Killed My Dog # 3

Title: The President Killed My Dog # 3
Publisher: Bad Aura Media LLC
Writer: Chris Kostecka
Art by: Dietrich Smith
Price: $ 6.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Mary has changed her mission slightly she has upped the stakes. Now she wants to kill the President and not just his dog. Why did this change? No reason is given.
Mary has gone totally crazy. She is out for revenge. While she is on this heading she still keeps reliving old memories of her life when she was happy. When her husband still lived and later when her dog still lived. As she goes all-out crazy you can not help but feel sorry for her. In the same situation, you would feel the same way.
Mary is willing to put it all on the line. It’s her against the police and secret service plus the army. Mary is an unstoppable force. POTUS beware.
The art gorgeously presents the story. Mary is illustrated as a woman on a mission. President Donald Trump is shown here and written as the type of person he is.
Mary is the luckiest woman alive. Things just seem to go her way.
After this issue what can happen next? Where does Mary go from here?
This is a story with a lot of emotions in it and high-speed shoot ’em up action. This comic is a bit different from the norm and of course watching someone going after Trump is worth the price of admission.

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