slam1Title: Slam # 1
Publisher: BOOM! Box
Created by: Pamela Ribon & Veronica Fish
Written by: Pamela Ribon
Illustrated by: Veronica Fish
Colors by: Brittany Peer
Letters by: Jim Campbell
Cover by: Veronica Fish
Variant Covers by: Lissa Treiman, Jen Bartel
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Jennifer Chu aka Knockout is a beautiful knockout. Knockout wasa invited to watch Roller Derby and she fell in love with it. She is now a stead fast rock on the team.
Knockout’s best friend is Maise Huff aks Ithinka Can. She is well falls in love with Roller Derby. Her life was devastated by a guy. Now she is putting it back together.
The art shows the girls illustrated as real life girls not skinny models. These are real Derby Girls.
This is a great start to this series. You meet the main stars and they are wonderful interesting characters. You get a feel for what it is like to Roller Derby. It is a wonderful sport and hard hitting.

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