RICH REVIEWS: KINDRED SPIRITS Episode 5 – “Breaking and Entering”

kindred-spirits_zpsvep9qujvKINDRED SPIRITS
Produced by: Paper Route Productions, Inc. for Destination America

Starring: Amy Bruni and Adam Berry
Executive Producer: Alan LaGarde
Executive Producers: Amy Bruni & Adam Berry
Executive Producer: Sumithrin David
Executive-In-Charge: Dan Zarenkiewicz
Head of Production: Brian Garrity
Supervising Producers: Ken Wonderland & David Jacobs
Director of Photography: Brian Antonson
Camera Operator: Andrew Lynch
Casting Producers: Cara Rothenberg & Sydney Dufty
Associate Producer: Madison Walker

Plot: A frightened homeowner calls renowned ghost hunters Amy Bruni and Adam Berry to help solve the mystery of who, or what, is haunting her New England home. The home security system captured unexplained voices so terrifying that she had to leave her house. Could the activity be connected to a previous homeowner’s suicide or a mysterious crawlspace in the basement?

Run Time: 43 min
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Sneak Peak:
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