RICH REVIEWS: Followers of the All! # 1

Title: Followers of the All! # 1
Publisher: James Rubino
Created/Written/Illustrated by: James Rubino
Inked/Lettered by: Larry Blake
“Fota” Logo Designed by: LB.
Front Cover Art by: Tom Ahearn & Jr.
Inside Front and Inside Back Cover Art by: Larry Blake
Price: $ 3.00 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Abaddon rules a planet. This planet is ruled by a religion that devalues humans. In this religion humans are nothing. Now those agianst this religion are called the Followers of the All.
What is the purpose of this comic? What is the story line?
Z-3 hears a voice. Is it the voice of god? Or something else.
It is obvious the comic does have to do with religion. Also that the people on this planet worship their religion.
Z-3 by following the voice becomes a mighty warrior. He gets a mission in life to save his people from Abaddon. The ending as we see Z-3 emerge as Mr. Faith is a good build up to presenting this hero.

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