RICH REVIEWS: Santa Claus: Private Eye

Title: Santa Claus: Private Eye (TPB)
Publisher: Darby Pop
Words by: Jeremy Bernstein
Pencils and Inks, Cover by: Michael Dorman
Colors by: Rob Schwager and Phil Smith
Letters and Logo by: Michael Dorman
Design by: Steve Blackwell
Price: $ 14.99 US
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Comments: Santa Claus as a Private Eye this is definitely a new twist on the Christmas myth. Nick Santana Investigations is run by Nick and he takes all kinds of cases to earn a buck. Merry wives and widows to.
Jack Frost is not looking to cool here. He is scruffy and very naughty.
Nick takes a case of a widow’s deceased husband. Police say suicide and widow says murder.
We get a brief look at why Nick is a Private Eye when not doing his other job. It makes sense.
As Nick continues looking for the killer some fists end up flying. Things just do not add up for ole Nick. The murderer he was after was one shrewd person.
Having Santa in the role of an old-style noir private detective is a cool idea and with his moral values, he makes an honest one to. The art really brings the story across. With touches of his magic thrown in the story is never boring. Seeing Santa in need of money like everyone else is a nice touch it makes him more human.
Nick lets us know people do things for two reasons money or love. Nick does it for the money right if you believe that your probably getting coal this year.
This story will fill you with joy and the Christmas spirit of giving. Santa gives the greatest gift he can and gets it in return. 

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