RICH REVIEWS: The Huntsman # 2

Title: The Huntsman # 2
Publisher: Heroic Publishing
Story: Steve Perrin, Dennis Mallonee
Pencils: Pete McDonnell, Ciro J. Napolitano, Rick Hoberg
Inks: Jeff Albrecht, Craig Stormon, Aaron McClellan
Letters: Jean Simek, Jean Simek, Carrie Spiegle
Colors: Janice Cohen, Dick O’Malley
Price: $ 9.50 US, $ 11.50 Can
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Donald Hunter is the Huntsman. He faces a demonic Succubus. These two get into a rough and tumble fight. It’s fists vs claws.
To take on the demons at large Hunter calls on Icestar and Rose to help. The demons are not illustrated at all scary.
The super-heroes in the Heroic Universe are all portrayed more realistically than others. Which makes them easier to identify with.
“The Case of the Living Dead Man!” This is an adventure of the Huntsman and Psyche together.
The art is plain. The peoples faces any amateur artist could draw them as well.
An old man’s living Will is to be read. There is a lot of drama in this family. No super-heroics here just tons of infighting among this families members.
“Eternity Smith” Eternity Smith and friends including Skylark journey to a remote base where a cube was discovered. This story does not have much in the way of letting you know what is going on. It could be the opening for a horror movie, again though it should give you a hunt.

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