RICH REVIEWS: Ruination # 2

Title: Ruination # 2
Publisher: Curious Perspective Comics
Writer: Ryan Bis
Editor: Nicole D’Andria
Lines: Giulia Lalli
Colors: Kaytee Brown
Letters/Graphic Design: Matias Zanetti
Main Cover Art: Rio Burton
Variant Cover Art: Crizam with Alla Kanetsyan, Max Moda
Price: $ 2.99 US (digital)
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The preface here explains a lot. Plus the character bios get you up to speed.
Keila, Dante, Jalen, Raechel, and Petyr find themselves in a cave. The adults do enjoy bantering while Raechal is hungry. Petyr he finds something interesting. A huge bear-like creature that is illustrated wonderfully to scare you. Its fangs are frightening and its tentacles are so beautifully colored.
This group does explore the huge cave they are in and it has many doorways. They also find more menaces to battle. Keira does have a delightful personality well once you get past her being stuck up and rude.
Naira shows up to find Raechel. Raechel is one special little girl pretty much everyone loves her and she is fearless. She will fight to protect her family and friends. This little child will capture your heart.
This comic is getting better as it goes along.
Now Silas is the big bad villain of this series we need to see more of. He has mentioned this issue and the build-up does get you wanting to see him. He is evil.

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